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# hpr-tng
# HPR Planning
A place to discuss and try out new ideas in relation to making HPR more robust
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## Overview
An overview of current plans for the development of HPR.
## Database Redesign
- The plan is to transfer from MySQL or MariaDB to PostgreSQL
- A first design exists, and scripts have been written to transfer data from the present live system to this new database. The design caters for (e.g.):
- Many-to-many relationships between hosts and shows
- Tag tables
- There are many more enhancements that could be considered:
- Record changes to key fields so that updates to the episodes on (IA) could be triggered
- Keep a record of what has been written to the IA so we have easily available details of progress
## Static site plans
- Josh is concerned over future space demands following from this change
- Will there be features which cannot work with a static site design? For example RSS.
## Tag interface
- Given we do not want to use JavaScript and we want to use a static design how can tags be searched for?
- Is there a microtag format that can make these more computer readable
## Internet Archive
- Weekly uploads are working OK for the moment. The HPR code is fairly involved since we want to upload the entire show notes as the <code>description</code> field. Metadata is generated for use with the <code>ia</code> tool, and this is used to perform the upload. Information on how this is being done needs to be available to anyone who needs to do it.
- When shows change after an upload (fairly rare) it would be desirable to know about the change and to be able to propagate it to the IA. Updating is currently available but there’s no existing mechanism to detect differences in order to trigger an update.
- In November 2017 we started uploading all files relating to a show to the IA. At this time the upload code was changed to point to these copies where before shows referenced media on the HPR site. There are many shows (871-2429) that need post-processing to make them self-contained on the IA.
- Shows between 1-870 are not yet on the IA.
- A separate SQLite database exists which contains details of all shows uploaded to the IA, including the “assets” which were uploaded with them. This should be incorporated into the main database once it has transitioned to PostgreSQL.
- Shows which reference external files (e.g. photographs on the host’s site) are processed by the IA software to point to an expected copy on the IA. The only way to make such a copy seems to be to tell the ‘Wayback Machine’ to make one. This is currently a manual process.
- How do we deal with TWAT shows
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