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<h2 id="reserving">All reservations need to be approved.</h2>
In the case where you wish to reserve a particular slot but do not have the media recorded, you will need to get the reservation approved in advance by the <a href="">HPR Mailing List</a>.
Any host can select any free slot a up to year in advance, by recording their show and uploading it to the desired slot. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to reserve a slot while not having the audio available, but this must be approved by the <a href="">HPR Mailing List</a> in advance. Be sure to allow as much time as possible, and include a reason why you feel it is necessary to reserve the slot.<br />
This is intended only for exceptional circumstances, such as a scheduled interview where we would like the audio to be released as soon after the event as possible, or to cover an important topical situation that has occurred. Due to the extended time now needed to post shows to external sites, the extra work this entails and the disruptive effect of reservations, we will no longer be allowing them except in very rare cases of the type mentioned above.
<br />
The following are standing reservations:
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